15 Year Bamboo Plantation Lease

15 Year Bamboo Plantation Lease

15 Year Bamboo Plantation Lease

Turn £17,351 into £68,190* UNCAPPED
  • Highly conservative projected ROI of over 293%
  • Data independently verified
  • Bamboo already planted and thriving
  • Invest from only £17,351*
  • Fixed investment cycle of 15 years
  • 8 Year version also available - enquire for details
  • Experienced on-site management team available


Looking for a high returning timber investment?

Invest today in a legally secure lease on an established bamboo plantation in Central America and you too can benefit from the hugely profitable global timber market.

Heralded as the Timber of the 21st Century, bamboo is a super material with over 5,000 known uses.

As a timber substitute, bamboo outperforms tropical hardwoods in terms of hardness, strength and flexibility and as the fastest growing plant on earth; it can be grown and harvested sustainably.

Enjoy double digit annual returns from this hands free, ethical investment with the choice of employing a management company with over 40 years' experience.


Profit from the booming timber market

Sustainable timber in all its forms represents arguably one of the most secure investments available and bamboo is perhaps the most exciting of any timber investment.

As the fastest growing land plant on Earth bamboo can reach full maturity in just five years as opposed to the 20 years taken for traditional timber. As a result, bamboo can create over 5 times as much timber per hectare than other hard or softwoods.

The global forestry trade exceeds $1.7tn per year and is increasing but supply is dwindling as 30% is produced illegally and another 40% is unsustainable. With its exceptional green credentials and high productivity, bamboo is set to become the sustainable timber source of the future. The world market for bamboo is expected to quadruple to $20bn within the next four years alone.

On top of its economic opportunity, bamboo is simply the best source of timber for the planet. It sequesters four times more carbon dioxide than other timber and produces many local environmental benefits.

The bamboo plantations for this investment, as featured on the BBC, are based in Nicaragua, one of the poorest nations in Central America. Now, for the first time in their lives, many locals have found paid employment on the plantations enabling them to raise their quality of life.

With even the most conservative assumptions, you can benefit from 293% ROI (20% annualised return) but based on independent data returns could and should vastly exceed this.
Strictly limited availability - don't miss out!


* US dollar based investment. Exchange rate calculated on 27/2/12


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My bamboo investment has exceeded all expectations. From the very start I have been impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and passion of the team as they work hard to deliver not only a profitable investment but one with real environmental and social benefits.

Guy Wilkinson, Watford, UK


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I was first introduced to the bamboo investment by an advertisement and after being contacted by Eco Investments I attended the public presentation in London. After meeting with and speaking to the Eco Investments team who answered all my questions I was happy to invest. I view my hectares of bamboo as a strategic investment or even an early retirement plan, once that offers a regular stream of income. The projected returns are very attractive. I am pleased with my investment and the service from Marcus and Eco Investments has been superb.

Stratos Manolas, Greece