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South Africa Biomass Plantation

15 Year Biomass Investment

15 Year Biomass Investment

  • Booming biomass market with growing demand
  • 15 year plantation leases USD$40,000
  • Forecast income of $155,232
  • Bamboo already planted and thriving
  • Off take agreement in place for all harvested bamboo
  • Experienced management team available

An exceptional opportunity to profit from the booming biomass market

EcoInvestments is delighted to present an exceptional exclusive investment opportunity to capitalise on the rising global demand for renewable energy by purchasing a South African biomass plantation lease.

A sustainable alternative energy source, biomass is now used as the primary fuel for heat and power in South Africa with global demand expected to double within the next 2 years alone.

Building upon the success that our partners have enjoyed in Nicaragua in becoming the world’s largest owner and operator of commercial bamboo plantations outside of China, EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa has undertaken thorough due diligence over the past 18 months to ensure that the optimum location has been secured to grow bamboo – the best source of biomass.

Working with highly experienced partners on the ground with a proven track record, this bamboo will be harvested sustainably upon maturity to produce biomass, also known as green coal, or bio char.

Plots are available for USD $40,000 per hectare with lessees able to benefit from the commercial exploitation of the plot. Net harvest revenues are forecast to give a 288% return on investment, in the form of a total income of $155,232, over the 15 year lease.



Over 500 hectares have been purchased by EcoPlanet Bamboo South Africa in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, Due to the availability of abandoned agricultural land and suitable climatic and topographical conditions for bamboo plantation development. EcoPlanet Bamboo purchases degraded agricultural land that is mostly devoid of any vegetation, and reforests this into fully functioning bamboo forests, interspersed with native species.


You can beneft from 288% forecast returns plus your money back!


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Global demand for biomass has multiplied around 25 times in the last 40 years and this trend of growing demand continues.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO


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Bamboo for Biomass

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Bamboo can be considered a promising resource for sustainable development