Green Investments


Why Invest in Triple Bottom Line Projects?

In short because the twenty first century is set to see unprecedented growth in the green and environmental sector.

To give an indication of what we can expect let’s look at the three key areas our Green Investments target; Bamboo, Forestry, and Sustainable Agriculture.


Bamboo has the potential to address critical environmental issues (climate change, deforestation, dwindling timber supply) whilst offering attractive returns and high social impact. EcoInvestments is currently focused on bamboo investments within the forestry sector for the following reasons;

  • Highest Productivity; the fastest growing land plant in the world which regenerates when cut and produces up to twenty times more timber per hectare than traditional hardwoods.
  • Unique, Desirable Qualities; it has a higher tensile strength than steel yet the unique linear fibre patterns enables the production of high quality paper, laminates and clothes.
  • Increasing Global Demand; as the most sustainable timber in the world with a vast quantity of uses, global demand for bamboo is expected to quadruple in the next four
  • The Greatest Positive Environmental Impact; bamboo sequesters multiple times the carbon dioxide of a traditional plantation, as well as having numerous other ecosystem benefits.

It is common knowledge that our natural rainforests are shrinking at a frightening rate. With the world's population expanding at an equally rapid rate, the already high demand for timber is continually increasing.

However, not many people know that The Investment Property Databank UK Forestry Index returned 32% in 2007, five times higher than equities and bonds. This is also in stark contrast to the fall in property investments.

Sustainable Agriculture

Food security continues to be an increasing concern, particularly in the face of changing climates and the growth of a global middle class. Sustainable agriculture represents a low risk, solid opportunity to make money whilst doing good.

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People - Planet - Profit

The triple bottom line is made up of social, economic and environmental aspects.

Sustainability is achieved with investments that deliver financially profitable returns while creating good social conditions and preserving the environment.

People: fair and beneficial business practices towards local community and region

Planet: sustainable environmenal practices

Profit: economic value created after deducing the cost of all inputs

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