New ethical investment opportunity in UK renewable energy sector

4th September 2012

New ethical investment opportunity in UK renewable energy sector

Ethical investment in Solar PV

In order to meet its target of sourcing 15% of the country’s energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020, the UK Government operates the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, which rewards owners of Solar Panel systems.

Energy companies pay owners of these systems a fixed rate for every unit of clean electricity they generate.

EcoInvestments’ new ethical investment in UK renewable energy enables investors to benefit from the lucrative Feed-in Tariff.

Investors purchase a solar photovoltaic system to be installed on a roof space in Devon and Cornwall. The property occupier gets to use some of the electricity generated free of charge and therefore receives a reduction in their energy bill, while the investor benefits from the Feed-in Tariff income of 9% per year.

In addition to benefitting from the FiT income, investors also contribute to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emission, making socially responsible investing easy.

With an ethical income of 9% in year 1, paid quarterly and rising with inflation over the next 20 years, our new UK Solar Investment is an excellent opportunity for green investors.

Please contact EcoInvestments on +44 20 3012 0306 to find out how you can capitalise on the flourishing UK renewable energy sector.


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The Feed-in tariff will change the way householders and communities think about their future energy needs, making the payback for investment far shorter than in the past.

Ed Miliband


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