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South Africa Biomass Plantation

15 year plantation leases USD$40,000

Forecast income of $155,232

Bamboo already planted and thriving

15 Year Bamboo Plantation Lease

15 Year Bamboo Plantation Lease

293% ROI based on conservative data

All lots fully planted and established since mid-2011

Positive impact on environment and communities

Previous investment opportunities

Click here to view some some of our previous alternative investment opportunities, which are now sold out and therefore no longer available. 

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Investment opportunities for you

EcoInvestments offers a range of hand picked alternative investments within the fields of forestry, agriculture and renewable energy.

Socially responsible investing with EcoInvestments considers both financial returns and social good.

All our ethical investment opportunities offer investors a chance to not only enjoy high financial returns, but quantifiable and monitored social and environmental returns.

As an asset class, timber – a renewable resource with constant product demand – stands out as a remarkably stable investment

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